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My Best Fiend: Meet Our Rivals, The Weekly Dictator

May 22, 2013

As you may have heard, Brian, Gene and Lee stumbled across some VERY disturbing information about The Weekly Dictator podcast straight from the mouth of President Barack Obama. We were stunned by this information, but didn’t want to pass judgment immediately. Perhaps there were extenuating circumstances that lead President Obama to make this declaration. Perhaps The Weekly Dictator, and its three personalities, Aurora (the jerk one), Josh (the crummy one) and Will (the crummy jerk one), were framed by some nefarious source, as we’ve seen in so many Inside Jobs cases.

We decided to go deeper into the archives and, unfortunately, we found only damning information. Check out the episodes below and the criminal podcastery occurring in each.

The Oprah Winfrey Episode (6/17/2012)

In this episode, those idiot jerks take on the topic of America’s not-very-goodest interviewer and multimedia mogul and talk about her or whatever, but the real clue is the date this episode was released — June 17 is also the date Sir Francis Drake, privateer and explorer, landed on Nova Albion (modern-day Californie) and claimed it for England. Seems harmless? It is, unless you know Drake was operating under the strict instructions of John Dee, occult mathematician adviser to Queen Elizabeth I, who had sent Drake to North America’s west coast in search of a land to export his secret elitist society of Cabbalistic minions in order to exercise their magicks freely. Also, this episode came out too early to shit on The Butler.

The Steve Jobs Episode (12/17/2012)

In an attempt to fight the system from within, Dingus, Dilbert and Dungo (or whatever their names are) host an entire episode about Steve Jobs, the inventor of iTunes, on a podcast that is hosted by iTunes. Mind blown? Are these jerks transmitting from Zion as Morpheus leads them in sweaty orgiastic raving? Not really, when you listen to the episode and they conclude that infamous jerk and socially-maladjusted sociopath Jobs was “super great, are you guys excited for the new thin screen iMacs? I know right, let’s go wait in line all night to buy them.” It’s called influencer marketing, and it’s already got you.

The Hugo Chavez Episode (3/10/2013)

Because their schedule is killing them, Aurowillosh phone in this ep by repurposing audio from The 700 Club of Pat Robertson praying for Chavez’s death, but there’s no Negativland-esque culture jamming going on here: Orpo, Wull and Grush truly believe that the Lord will answer their prayers of murder because that’s probably how religion works. “Am I right?” –one of them (can’t tell them apart, tbqh).

These are merely three of the shocking bombshells we’ve yet uncovered about this insidious trio, but that doesn’t begin to truly illustrate how dangerous this podcast is. I mean, for starters, how can a weekly podcast show not be rife with mistakes, factual errors and poor judgment that buttresses the patriarchy and veers wildly from the pursuit of Truth?   Only a biweekly schedule can handle the kind of rigorous research that, say, you have come to expect from your three Inside Jobs hosts. Also, they use the same podcast host site that we do and they don’t seem to suffer any of the abominable problems that we do! Additionally, their website uses an obscenely small font and Brian has vision problems and can barely read it without getting a headache. A subtle tool of disorientation to throw us off the right track? Who knows…

The list goes on and on. We’ve laid out just some of the facts we’ve learned about this show, but we can’t determine who could be supporting them. Illuminati? Freemasons? Shadow government? Please help us study more of our findings. Listen to Weekly Dictator on iTunes or read blog posts on their website, the deceptively-simple

Weekly Dictator or Weakly Dick-Taster? You decide. Let’s mobilize the Inside Jobs Militia to find out more about these bums.

Twitter: @WeeklyDictator

Or get in touch with us good guys if you uncover any new information.

Twitter: @insidejobscast
Hotline: (413)-225-1963
iTunes: Inside Jobs



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