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Following the Money into the Middle Distance

October 23, 2014

Dear Inside Jobbers,

What a long strange trip it’s been. You may have noticed that there wasn’t an episode last week, or this week. Sad to say, that is the new norm.

Gene, Lee, and I have tried very hard to go deep in the archives and entertain you with some incredible investigations into the greatest conspiracies in history, as well as a few dick jokes here or there. We had some laughs, we learned a thing or two, and, most humbling, we met some other folks out there interested in that weird intersection between second shooters and jokes about not having any friends (that Venn diagram is probably just a circle, eh?).

Unfortunately, the realities of producing this show have caught up to the realities of producing this show: the time commitments to making a free hourish-show are surprising, and, more importantly, we’ve already covered some of the biggest conspiracies around. We’ve decided to cease producing our biweekly show, and instead invest more time and effort in producing specials. Think Dan Carlin, but with a shocking number of references to dongs and BMs (so, think Dan Carlin).

We’re still around. We’ll still be checking the twitter (@insidejobscast) and email ( The show will just be irregular (like Lee’s bowel movements) and longer than normal (unlike Gene’s penis). Thanks for sticking with us as we navigate the trenches of D-level podcast superstardom and responsibility-laden adulthood. We wanna make a good show, and it seems this is the best way we can do it.

For those looking to fill the void of Inside Jobs, please subscribe to Lee’s upcoming new podcast Talk on the Internet at Not only will the new show feature Lee’s conspiracy theory expertise, but also Onionesque news satire and a regular call-in segment with celebrity “cohosts.” Brian and Gene will be around, too, and if they do anything they wanna tell you about, we’ll try to make sure you hear about it.

We’ll see you soon. Until then, follow the money.

Brian, Gene, and Lee


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