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New Listeners: Where to Start

IJLOGO One Year Anniversary

On Dec. 3 of this year, Inside Jobs celebrated its one year anniversary! We’ve told a lot of dick jokes and uncovered a lot of truths in that year, changed our schedule a couple times, and have put out some episodes that are better than others. If you’re new to the show and you’d like to catch up on the top shelf episodes, here are our favorites:

Ep3: Nixon & Watergate

Nixon haunts all of our episodes in one way or another, ever since we talked about how he was in Dallas the same day JFK was shot, “closing a deal for Studebaker.” This episode suffers a bit from research overload, but we go heavily into the world of Richard M. Nixon and delve into the way he shaped American politics for years to come.

Ep7: The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping

For an off-kilter topic, we really combined a lot of the Inside Jobs go-tos on this one. There are Nazis, crossdressing, and the case was solved by literally following the money. This is our personal favorite episode.

Ep12: On Conspiracy Theories

This is the first episode where we take a broad topic, rather than a singular event. Instead of looking at one conspiracy, we look at the explosion of conspiracy theories in the media age and talk about why people believe in what they believe.


The MKULTRA story is kind of insane, but especially so because it’s true. The American government used citizens as test subjects for heinous experiments involving prostitutes and narcotics, and not a few people had their lives completely ruined as a result. And Gene does a little experimenting of his own during the show…

Ep28: Let sLeeping Dogs Lie

In a complete change from the normal format, we roll all of the running jokes from the show into one radio play about Lee Goldin, Conspiracy Expert, and his attempts to solve the JFK murder. This was one of the most fun episodes to record and had one of our biggest fan responses.

There are 38 episodes of Inside Jobs (given the weird numbering we tried for a spell…) and I’d say we stand by all of them except the Oklahoma City ep (which is an April Fools joke workaround of awkward schedules). If you are new to the show, thanks for listening! And I hope you find some episodes you dig.

Please drop us a line if you like the show.

Twitter: @insidejobscast
Hotline: (413)-225-1963


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