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Ep54: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg


The Rosenbergs were the self-proclaimed “first victims of American fascism.” But were they actually Soviet spies who received their just desserts?

In 1953, the United States executed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for selling American atomic secrets to the Soviet Union. But doubts linger about their guilt. Join Brian as he investigates The Rosenberg Case on Inside Jobs.

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Ep53: The Black Sox Scandal


One requirement for being an early baseball player: extreme homeliness.

Did the Chicago White Sox really throw the 1919 World Series? Join conspiracy expert Lee Goldin as he investigates the Black Sox Scandal.

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Ep52: The Man with the Goldin Name


Join Lee Goldin, conspiracy expert, Gene, Brian, and a host of special guests as they present the radio drama The Man with the Goldin Name.

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Ep51: Let sLeeping Dogs Lie (re-release)


Travel to the world of old-time radio in our radio play, Let sLeeping Dogs Lie, originally released in November 2013.

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Ep50: Lost Cosmonauts


This entire ep may have been done as an excuse to post this image by Jeremy Geddes. Check out his work here.

Did the Soviet Union lose several cosmonauts in space… and cover it up? Join Brian as he investigates the Lost Cosmonauts on Inside Jobs!

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Ep49: Stalin’s Army of Apes


Did this man try to create an army of ape-men for Stalin?

Is Planet of the Apes rooted in a dark Soviet fantasy of Communist ape warriors attacking around the globe? Join Lee as he investigates Stalin’s Army of Apes! Read more…

Ep48: Numbers Stations


Across the shortwave dial, mysterious messages are broadcast by numbers stations. No one knows their purpose, but the eerie emissions have caused considerable speculation. Join Brian as he investigates Numbers Stations on this special microsode of Inside Jobs.

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